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Compiles and maintains records of business transactions andoffice activities of establishment, performing variety of followingor similar clerical duties and utilizing knowledge of systems orprocedures...
FL - MIAMI Unspecified
SUMMARY OF DISPATCHER: Responsible for the execution of all plant activities related to freight, including production scheduling, dispatching trucks, negotiating freight rates with contract carriers....
VA - Waverly Unspecified
Social Work Administrative Assistant
SUMMARY OF SOCIAL WORK ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT: National nursing care facility is offering career opportunities to Administrative Assistant who serves as the primary administrative support to the Pr...
PA - Wilkes Barre Unspecified
Packaging Technician
**Needs electrical experience** SUMMARY OF PACKAGING TECHNICIAN: National Food Manufacturing company in Covington, KY is offering a Career opportunity to an experienced Packaging Technician who wi...
KY - Ft Mitchell Unspecified
Administrative Assistant
SUMMARY OF REGULATORY ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT: National sod and yard care company is offering career opportunities for a regulatory administrative assistant who is responsible for performing a varie...
OH - Marysville Unspecified
Human Resource Specialist
SUMMARY OF HR SPECIALIST: National sod and yard care company is offering career opportunities. This role serves as the on-site temporary recruiter to support staffing seasonal and full time productio...
OH - Marysville Unspecified
Research Technician
RESEARCH TECHNICIAN SUMMARY: National sod company is offering career opportunities to Research Technicians who will assist with data collection and data entry for greenhouse trials, field trials and ...
OH - Marysville Unspecified
SUMMARY OF RECEPTIONIST: Seeking a front desk receptionist with excellent customer service skills. REQUIREMENTS FOR RECEPTIONIST: • Charismatic & Friendly - outstanding People-to-People skills...
FL - Miami Unspecified

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